Every woman and girl should be a “green goddess” and manage their menstruation in a hygienic way with total privacy, safety and dignity.

The PrincessD Menstrual Cup is a reusable, eco-friendly, cost-effective menstrual cup made of the highest quality medical grade silicone.

The aim for creating the PrincessD Menstrual Cup which is reusable for 10 years, a “green” alternative to disposable tampons and pads was to help disadvantaged rural girls, but we found that all girls and women who menstruate are able to benefit from this healthy, hygienic, environmentally-friendlycost-effective and sustainable solution.  It is made from FDA approved medical grade silicone and has no toxins, bleaches, dyes or other chemicals. Other benefits: comfortable for sports such as athletics, cycling, scuba diving, swimming, yoga, dancing or any type of physical activity as it offers safe, secure, discreet and leak-free protection for up to 12 hours at a time.  It alleviates the embarrassment for school girls from having messy dresses and the school principals love it because it ensures there are no messy toilets or blockages in toilets.

The cheapest pack of 10 sanitary pads costs R16.99 (South African Rand). On average, for a menstrual cycle a girl/woman needs about 30 (changing every 3-4 hours). Due to unaffordability, this is not happening and they are leaving their menstrual products for longer than 3-4 hours which results in infections.

One menstrual cup is equivalent to approximately 3000-5000 sanitary pads/tampons over a 10 year cycle. Take a moment to visualise the landfill chaos (sanitary pads/tampons take approximately 500-700 years to biodegrade). Our combo pack comprises of a menstrual cup and a compact, foldable silicone steriliser cup (only supplier in South Africa with the compact foldable silicone cup that is safe to use, especially with the younger girls being exposed to boiling water). At the end of the menstrual cycle only 200ml of boiling water (less than one cup) is required per month to sterilize the PrincessD menstrual cup for 15 minutes!  In most rural areas girls fetch water from the river, boil it and then sterilise their cups.

The Princess D Menstrual cup is the ideal, sustainable solution for girls in disadvantaged areas in the world. Let’s join hands in transforming the lives of our girls to restore their dignity and well-being. An appeal is made to corporates to get involved in helping our girls by sponsoring the PrincessD Menstrual Cups – show you care.  Let’s keep them in school.